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Stephen Hawking warns we need to move planets!

Forget moving home, Stephen Hawking warns us we need to move planets in the next 100 years, unless we want to go extinct!

In a new documentary Expedition New Earth, the renowned physicist stated that humans need to become a multi-planetary species if we are to survive. The program focuses on how humans could actually move to a different planet, after Hawking’s predictions of a catastrophic event which would end human life on earth. To avoid this disaster, moving to the stars is the way forward, Hawking believes.

Stephen Hawking, earth,

Could we be saying goodbye to our earth sooner rather than later?

Talks of colonising Mars are already underway.

Billionaire and technology extraordinaire Elon Musk, is aiming to form a settlement there in the next few decades, through his company SpaceX. Even though Musk claims he doesn’t have a “doomsday prophecy”, he remarks on historic events which suggest to him that a doomsday event will occur in the future.

Let’s face it, with a booming human population and the impacts of climate change becoming more widespread…is this really such a fantastical vision? Could we be seeing a new colonization event, within our lifetime? Only time will tell.

Expedition New Earth is part of the BBC’s Tomorrow’s World season, which is set to be released this summer.